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Month: March 2021

Happy Spring Equinox!

Happy Spring Equinox!

March 20, 2021 is the Spring Equinox! For those who are interested, this is the time of the year when night and day are in equilibrium and share the same amount of hours, the good old mother nature brings balance to our light and sun exposure.

To add on top of this good news, the sun is shining and there is not a single cloud on the sky to prevent proper Vitamin D intake as long as you are outside. I live in an apartment which has outside walls made entirely out of glass so I’m asking my friend Google “how is the weather”.

Glass walls can play “mind tricks”, even if it is -20 outside, in the apartment there is 30 degrees. 

Owww Lord!, it returns 8 degrees Celsius! Perfect time to go outside, sit in the sun, read a book and just do nothing, and it is doable, since it is Saturday! Hell yeah!

Fast forward a half an hour later and I’m on a bench, soaking all the good UV rays and getting the much needed Vitamin D. I have chosen Toronto Music Garden for my spot, the place is important so you could have an overview on how the waterfront looks like. Just Google it! or watch the image at the top 🙂

So while being more or less focused on my reading I hear a kid cry like he is having a tantrum or something and the entire action catches my attention (the mom was hot). It appears the kid(I’m guessing he is 3 or 4) has lost his ball in the water and mom was trying to tell him that the firefighters are going to retrieve it.(just some small lies :), they are not going to give the ball back)

No point of telling you that he does not listen to reason and the crying continues with little to do but just cry and watch as his ball drifts further into the harbor.

Well Mother Nature provides again and a little bit of a wind gust, brings the ball closer to the shore and with this happy event Ben, who is a friend of the mother’s, is able to catch it with a hook and get the ball back to the crying kid.

I was just a bystander to the entire scene, which took around 5 minutes, but the look on the kid’s face once he got his ball back was like a MasterCard commercial, PRICELESS!  

To break it down in actions: 

Mom: It is alright Luke(I had to give him a name), the firefighters are going to get it back! 

Kid: Crying out loud, Noooooo!..venturing closer to the water and looking at the drifting ball.

Mom: Runs and catches him, You have nothing to worry, the firefighters are going to get it back! 

Kid: I want it back!…more heavy crying….I want it now! 

Mom: Look!…Ben is going to get it! 

“Ben, has found a long hook which is used to give to people who fall into the water to hold to and is cleverly tapping the ball closer to the shore”

Kid: Continues crying but there are some hope stops along the way! 

Mom: Keeps him still, while Ben attempts to get the ball back!


Ball is recovered and handed back to Luke who at the blink of an eye goes from heavy tears to a smile as big as the whole world!

Mom: Say thank you to Ben! 

Kid: Thank you Ben! (It was a mechanical thank you, there was no recognition on Ben’s attempt, the ball is back and that is the only thing that matters)

In my own dark mind, just for a little bit of “drama humour”,  I wanted the kid to throw the ball back into the water :)) and see everyone’s faces, but that did not happen…oh well, next time! 

So moral of the story, there is no moral of the story! but the kids’ change of moods put a big smile on my face and I hope this “article”, on yours.