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Random thought #1

Random thought #1

So, the martial stability can be predicted by the result of the following formula:

  • frequency of lovemaking minus frequency of quarrels

If the result is negative there might be blood.

I guess this can be the origin of “not giving a fuck” so we should start to give more fucks and when there are no more fucks to give, just fuck! 🙂

It is for our own happiness!

Have a great day y’all!

Hey can you help me? #1

Hey can you help me? #1

Professionally I’ve been a SysAdmin ( IT firefighter focused ) and I still think I didn’t hear/see them all, also I want to share with you, brief funny experiences.

And without further ado, this is me, one day when a workplace proximity acquaintance(WPA) comes to my desk and:

WPA: Hey can you help me with my screen?

IT Firefighter: Sure, what is the problem?

WPA: Bla bla bla bla ….bla (lots of “complex” things which don’t make sense)

IT Firefighter: OK, let’s to go to your desk and see what is wrong!


Here we are in front of the computer and the WPA explains that a program looks like it is running but it does not appear on the screen.

WPA has two screens and this time, only one was turned on!…what do you think?

Problem solved by pressing the power button on the second screen where the orphan program was chilling on the desktop 🙂