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Office 365 tip of the day

Office 365 tip of the day

As an “IT Firefighter” there comes a time when you have to recreate an Outlook profile. In Office 365, the default behaviour for Microsoft Outlook is to run in “Cached Exchange Mode” and only download emails which are 1 year old, however, if you have a large mailbox, it can take hours until Outlook’s status becomes “All folders are up to date”.

While the update process is running and emails are getting downloaded, new emails might not show up in inbox so in order to slightly improve the update process you can:

  • Go to “Send / Receive” and click on “Work Offline” button , wait a second and click back on it. (This will trigger the download process and get the latest emails from the mailbox.) These steps should be repeated every time you want to get the newest emails until, status is “All folders are up to date”

The calendar might be the last one to update so to force the download of the latest meeting you can:

  • Click on the calendar icon
  • Go to “Send / Receive” and click “Update Folder”

Another workaround is to just use Outlook Web App while Outlook downloads the emails.

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