AWS Transformation Day

AWS Transformation Day

Some perks of living in a big city are that, from time to time, you can attend nice events for free. I went to AWS Transformation DAY to get a sneak peek into the Public Cloud world.

The Good

  • The Keynote speaker delivered a good presentation and the audience appeared to be satisfied, he even shared some principles.
  • Everyone got some gifts when they registered (agenda, water bottle and some stickers)
  • Free food and unlimited Starbucks coffee is always great 🙂

The Bad

  • It was supposed to be an event which targets the enterprise world and I was expecting more engaged speakers. With a couple of exceptions the “slides” were even for me(a novice with AWS) poorly presented and highly repetitive. I think Amazon needs to choose more wisely who is on the stage since that person needs to capture the audience attention, my mind started to doodle.
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